Elan Jaglom

Chairman of the Board of Stratasys Ltd.

Elan Jaglom Short Bio

Elan Jaglom is an Israeli-born businessman and the Chairman of the board of Stratasys Ltd., a leader in 3D printing solutions. Mr. Jaglom holds degrees in economics and statistics from the Hebrew University, from which has graduated in 1964. Jaglom also holds a Master's in Business Administration from the New York University, which he completed in 1968.


Social Activites

Mr. Jaglom is a member of the International Board of Governors at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, whose chairman is the Tel Aviv Mayor, Ron Huldai. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is Israel's top museum of contemporary and modern art and it has accumulated, since its establishment in 1932, one of the largest art collections in Israel, including sculpture, painting, video, drawings, photography, etc.


Elan Jaglom served as a member of the International Advisory Board at the school of management MBA Program of the Ben Gurion University, located in Be'er Sheva. This program is aimed at the top tier of students and those with an exceptionally high GMAT score. Then they must excel in personal interviews before they are admitted. The program has been established in 2003 and it's the one of the first executive full-time MBA programs in Israel. The program requires full attendance and normally the students receive grants to help them finance the studies and living expenses in Beer Sheva..


Stratasys Ltd

Stratasys Inc. and Objet Ltd., the two leading 3D printing companies, based in the United States and Israel respectively, announced on December 3, 2012 that their long expected merger has been complete. The resulting company is called Stratasys Ltd., and it is traded on NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol SYSS. Before merging, the combined revenue of the two companies equaled 227 million dollars. The new company is expected to be the world leader in 3D printing for prototype and production. Former chairman of Objet Ltd., Elan Jaglom, was appointed Chairman of Stratasys Ltd.'s board of directors.

Stratasys uses its ultra-thin layer 3D printers to provide accurate, versatile, realistic and detailed 3D prototypes for international corporations from a variety of industries, such as: consumer goods, automotive, consumer electronics, dental, defense, education, medical, hearing aids, architecture, animation, entertainment, sporting goods, industrial machinery, service bureaus and toys. The companies offices are located in the US, Europe, Mexico, China, Japan and Honk Kong.

Objet Geometrics Ltd.

Objet Geometries Ltd. was a market leader in solutions for 3D printing. It enabled manufacturers and designers to cut product development costs and shorten new products' time to market, thanks to its 3-dimensional model production.


The company, founded in 1998, has registered patents on more than 110 applications for a wide range of materials.


Elan Jaglom was one of Objet Geometries Ltd.'s early stage investors and served as its Chairman of the Board. The company's CEO was David Reis.


Scitex Idanit

Idanit was a leading innovator in the field of digital printing, which was acquired in 1998 by the Israeli hi-tech company Scitex Corporation Ltd., for about $60 million. Idanit produced a high-speed large format 300dpi inkjet printer and a 4 color process printer. It catered to customers looking for large and medium-sized banners, such as those that appear on the side of buses. It now goes by the name of Scitex Idanit. Elan was one of the Investors in Idanit and served as an executive director in the company’s Board Of Directors.


Personal Hobbies

As far as hobbies go, Elan Jaglom is a big fan of flying. He has a license to fly light aircrafts, an activity he enjoys doing as often as he can. In addition, Mr. Jaglom has an American and European skipper license and he enjoys sailing occasionally.

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